Our Vision: 

Our vision is to facilitate the development of an informed and participatory society

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to influence the ICT and telecom policies with evidence based research and advocacy

Our Goal:

Our goal is to support the intent, process and methodologies where decisions are supported by evidence based research and are made through informed choices

Our Objective: 

Our objective is

  • to organize research on issues related to ICT spread, penetration and usage and to connect how ICT can facilitate development
  • to bring the findings of the research to influence and to shape the policies
  • to organize advocacy campaign to popularize the findings
  • to create a volunteers network to support research, advocacy and communication work


‘bytesforall’ is a citizen’s network in South Asia that identifies, discusses and builds network on emerging issues related to ICT and its impact to development (ICT4D). ICTs generally here mean all sort of information and communication technologies including digital media, Internet, cell phone and hand held devices. The network was co-founded by Frederick Noronha in Goa, India and Partha Sarker in Dhaka, Bangladesh back in 1999. Its Bytesforall Readers Forum remains as the premier space on any discussion related to ICT4D. This network is run by the volunteers across South Asia which needs a critical space and citizen level interaction to understand how technologies can facilitate development, what best practices are available and how it is related to overall picture of governance. South Asia being a region with little or complicated level of state-to-state relationship, this type of network can give much needed voice and interaction among the citizens. The network is better reflected by one of its most popular listserv – Bytesforall Readers Forum (subscribe here) that has more than 3000 members.

What is ‘bytesforall.org’?

‘bytesforall.org’ is grown out of this network. While the network discusses or identifies critical issues, the ‘bytesforall.org’ undertakes or implements research projects, participates in policy consultation and organizes advocacy campaign project and tries to influence the policy through research evidences. Some of these projects are funded while some are volunteer driven. A list of projects is available at the projects section.

Different countries in South Asia have different priorities and bytesforall is seperated in different country chapters.

This website happens to highlight projects, activities of Bytesforall Bangladesh.

Please contact here (info@bytesforall.org) for further information.

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