Bytesforall Bangladesh Make Presentation on Open Data for Open Government

Open Data for Open GovernmentBytesforall Bangladesh made a key note presentation at a round-tableorganized by Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) and Access to Information (A2I) at BCC Auditorium, Dhaka on the 21st of October (Tuesday), 2014. The presentation is available here. The presentation highlighted the conceptual framework of Open Data, what it includes technically and legally, what other countries are doing, what is important to consider, what are the models available, what are the step by step processes involved etc. The round-table also highlighted the need for having areadiness study and a small pilot project of developing a mobile-app based on open data available from any Government agency.

This study is likely to see both the demand and supply side of open data spectrum. On the demand side, it is likely to investigate the areas where data is mostly needed, what type of data is frequently accessed by common people and how it affects their lives etc. And on the supply side it would examine the legal framework, availability, accessibility and interoperability of data.

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